Copywriting Resources for Kickass and Novice Copywriters

Hello fellow copywriters and humans who want to test the waters and get their feet wet. I am creating a bunch of resources for you; built from countless of late nights dissecting adjectives, bottomless non-Hogwart coffee brews and the will to write words that sell.

As there is no one-size-fit-all strategy for copywriters, I do not promise you’ll become an instant copywriting rockstar after reading these though you will definitely learn a thing, or two or a bajillion more from here. I suggest you make use of the guides, cheatsheets and tips as inspirations to unleash the kickass copywriter in you. If you want to connect I am on Twitter and Facebook or you can use this form to contact me.



Copywriting Cheatsheet [READ THE BLOG] or [GRAB THE PRINTABLE PDF]


Simplified Copywriting Cheatsheet for Beginners [READ THE BLOG] or [GRAB THE PRINTABLE PDF]



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