On Life in Poverty, Project Happiness and Perspectives

Whenever I discuss my life on poverty with friends, some found it hard to believe. Mind you, some of my new friends say they don't believe that part of my life at all! "How come a well-travel, intelligent and undoubtedly educated person life yourself came from poverty?" OK I admit, my Arizona State University education … Continue reading On Life in Poverty, Project Happiness and Perspectives

Hello Dearest Subscribers. It’s Vergielyn

Howdy WordPress, It's Vergielyn from vergielyn.com. Just thought of letting you know I am merging my portfolio (copywritingbrat.com) and my old site. From now forward, you'll get notifications of my posts through the Copywriting Brat site. I am not updating vergielyn.com anymore. Updates to Project Happiness are here. I am on Facebook and Twitter as … Continue reading Hello Dearest Subscribers. It’s Vergielyn