On Life in Poverty, Project Happiness and Perspectives

Whenever I discuss my life on poverty with friends, some found it hard to believe. Mind you, some of my new friends say they don’t believe that part of my life at all!
“How come a well-travel, intelligent and undoubtedly educated person life yourself came from poverty?”

OK I admit, my Arizona State University education did come with a hefty price tag. (Which I haven’t paid in full yet by the way) I admit I travel a lot. And yes, my IQ might be a tad higher than some. But that is not where it all begin.

I would like to put an emphasis here. I am not wealthy and it’s far from there. I am still troubled by the monsters of monthly bills but that is what working hard/smart is for, right?

On getting out of poverty

You have to know, I work days and nights to get out of poverty. I study, learn and continue learning. It use to be all about academics but for this quarter life, I choose to learn things that help me grow as a human being.

I was raise by a father barely earning 3 dollars a day with this thing we locally called traysikad. What puts me to where I am today as a writer is my strong belief on that art. But through it all, through the hoops and loops of fair success, that’s not where I found my bliss.

I found it through the joy of sharing and creating an impact, touching lives even in the smallest of ways. One of the reasons why I built Project Happiness is through the experience I had as a kid.

I grew up on poverty without losing a roof to live under. And through it all, I found kindness from strangers. People who are willing to give something to my father or I even if they have not known us. Even after my father’s passing, I see the kindness from strangers. Human beings who are willing to share kindness to me, even if they have not known me.

What I want . . .

All I want is a life with purpose. Where people around me respect in who I am not because I am a writer or a senior editor at some fancy agency. I wanted people who sees me beyond reputation, for the impact I bring to this world and for the love I’m always eager to share.


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