Hey. It is me, Vergielyn.

I live in a chaotic world of creativity and I would love your project to add up on that beautiful mess. My broad portfolio includes copywriting for a large spectrum of industries including tech, e-commerce, hospitality, health, beauty and legal.

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Just like you, my previous clients reached out because they needed somebody who has a way with words. When I’m not out on the road being the rookie photojournalist that I am, I spend my days juggling with words and stitching them into results-driven messages. While my expertise may be of copywriting, I also happen to have a broad experience on writing articles, product descriptions, e-courses, blogs, e-books, how-to’s and everything else fun in the haywire world of words. Most of my works are directed primarily at websites but I can handle offline projects pretty perfectly.

I rarely work on more than two projects at a time so you can be confident that your project has all my attention. You can use this contact form to discuss about your project or should you prefer, I’m also on Facebook.


Let my words communicate your message. I’m here to write you exceptionally compelling narratives whether you simply want to engage with your customers or drive more sales to your business.


To increase revenue? Decrease customer churn rate? Increase number of subscribers? Make an explosive bang for an upcoming product lunch, perhaps? Build a fresh voice for your new brand? Or, have a specific goal in mind? Whatever your conversion objectives might be, I can help you out. Get started by dropping your message here. 


I am a perfectionist and a quality-conscious creative which makes me the most brutal critic of my own work and of others. But that is also why my works are uniquely exceptional. Use this form and lets get crackin’.


I pride to craft content that walks the talk. Expect stellar communication pieces. SEO comes with my services. I can do the keyword research myself or you can provide me with what you have in your plate. I can write you landing pages, product descriptions, how-to’s, articles, blogs and the like. Except for adult content, I can do pretty much of any niche. Click here and let me know what you need.  


Disclaimer: I respect my clients privacy in terms of disclosing my identity as their copywriter. With it, I decided to write a bunch of dummy pieces for references and as portfolio. The following are fictional companies as far as I know. If I have mentioned a brand/name/company that is legibly available, notify me to remove it. No copyright infringement intended. Just click the image to read the copy.



I work until your draft is up to your liking. The quote I will provide includes a free unlimited revision. The total cost depends on the time needed for researching, writing and drafting your copy or content. I vow to give a transparent quote before we kickstart your project.

That fixed quote will include initial briefing through email or Skype, research, writing and submission of your first draft and perhaps, further discussion until I perfect the copy (normally, one or two revisions is  enough). Click here and tell me about your project.


Please use the form below to get in touch with me. I usually reply within 24 hours. If it takes more than a day for me to response, it is likely that I am away-from-the-keyboard chasing stories and capturing history as a rookie photojournalist. In which case, I’d like you to reach me through Facebook instead as I check it more often during such circumstances.